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Many people are unaware of Donald Watson and his accomplishments. The Vegan Society was founded in Leicester, I think it’s vital to emphasise that, as a Leicesterians and a vegan lover we believe it should be celebrated. This idea we nurtured and started to process and developed something magnificent into Donald Watson’s Vegan Bar. In Vegan Bar we fully focus on creating world class vegan food that are extremely a fabulous treat for your tastebuds by combining different outstanding cuisines with the help of our special chefs. We also focus on the mission of identifying a special set of vegan alcoholic beverages for our beloved vegan friends who do not want to miss out the party mode. We designed our signature cocktails with the poetry of a folktale, something extraordinary that even future generations will remember. 

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First and Best Vegan Bar in UK.


Key Qualities Donald Watson’s Vegan Bar focused on to achieve are the use of Vegan Products, Organic Products and Cruelty free products. We believe this will be our key measure to what we call ‘Complete Vegan Success’ for a healthy and happy living. We always keep our focus and priority on the wellbeing of Nature, Humans and Planet. We in Donald Watson Vegan Bar choose each product with care considering all our philosophy for a happy and healthy lifestyle for humans and the whole planet earth. 
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The Term 'Vegan'

Donald Watson, founder of the Vegan Society, coined the word vegan in 1944.


Vegan Idea

We started recognizing the importance of saving the planet earth and importance of vegan life. We started researching vegan products and its importance.


Product Research

We find the difficulty of finding authentic vegan alcoholic drinks. We also focused on research and creating modern vegan food with deleterious taste from the roots of different vegan cuisine cultures. 



Our quest of high quality and fully vegan food and alcoholic beverage end up by creating UK's first and best of its kind "Donald Watson's Vegan Bar". We are fortunate to start a Vegan Bar in Leicester where "Vegan" all started in 1944.

Key Qualities Donald Watson's Vegan Bar focused on to achieve are the use of Vegan Products, Organic Products and Cruelty free products. We believe this will be our key measure to what we call 'Complete Vegan Success' for a healthy and happy living.
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Vegan Ingredients

Vegan Ingredients

We at Donald Watson's Vegan Bar fully focus on identifying fully Vegan alcoholic beverages and vegan ingredients for our menu.

Taste Driven

Taste Driven

Our team worked on identifying unique taste from different vegan cuisines and tried different combinations to generate the special taste driven menu for our special vegan community.

Cruelty Free and Organic

Cruelty Free and Organic

Donald Watson's Vegan Bar completely designed the menu by carefully analyzing and identifying cruelty free and organic ingredients

Vegan Bar Signature Cuisine

Vegan Bar Signature Cuisine

Donald Watson's Vegan Bar signature drinks and food is the end product of 2 year of research of different iterations to create something incredible and unique for our special vegan community.

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